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HPV Vaccination Service

With over 100 types of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), they are extremely common and most of the time harmless. As many as 8 out of 10 people will come into contact with HPV in their lifetimes. In most cases, our immune systems are able to fight it off. However, at times a HPV infection can persist and it can lead to various types of cancer, as well as genital warts.

Welfare Pharmacy offers an appointment based vaccination service for both women and men. Women and men up to and including the age of 45 can use this service, if they would like to start a course of the HPV vaccine or to complete the course. It is not recommended for pregnant women but it is suitable for breastfeeding women.

Please get in touch with us and have an appointment booked. During the consultation one of our highly trained pharmacists will ensure the vaccine is suitable, schedules for all doses and proceed to the vaccination, at the same time answering any queries you may have.

People living outside of the UK may find it difficult to get the HPV vaccination due to poor availability and costs reasons. We have seen a rise of international students, requesting to be vaccinated against HPV. As the vaccine is administered in 2 or 3 doses over 4-6 months, the academic year gives plenty of time to fit in appointments for each dose. Please visit your local Welfare Pharmacy or get in touch to book a consultation.

Including consultation and administration, one dose will cost £165.

2 doses course- Save £20 by choosing to pay for all TWO doses up front, as this will cost £310.

3 doses course- Save £75 by choosing to pay for all THREE doses up front, as this will cost £420.

Should I get vaccinated?

Anybody – Men and women who are sexually active are at risk of contracting a HPV infection. As there may be no symptoms, you can be infected with the virus for years without knowing.

The risk of becoming infected increases with the number of sexual partners, and is more likely if you’ve started having sex at a younger age. However, even people who have only had one sexual partner can be infected with HPV.

Certain factors are known to increase the risk of HPV infections developing into cervical cancer or HPV related anal cancers. These include:

  • Smoking
  • Having a weakened immune system, by taking certain medicines or by being HIV positive

In women, the risk of cervical cancer is also increased by:

  • Using oral contraceptive for five years or more
  • Having sex with multiple partners
  • Having sexual partners who are not vaccinated against HPV
  • Having a first child under the age of 17

The Vaccine

The HPV vaccine is given as an injection of Gardasil 9 vaccine in the right arm. Gardasil 9 then immunises against 9 types of HPV. Although it is best to get vaccinated before you have sex for the first time as this means you are protected before you are first exposed to HPV, you will still benefit from the vaccine if you have had sex, as the HPV vaccination will help protect against HPV infections in the future.

Gardasil 9 can be given to both men and women. Under the current NHS vaccination programme, Gardasil 9 is offered for free to boys and girls in Year 8, to girls under 26 as part of a catch up scheme* (if it was missed in year 8) and to men aged under 45 who have sex with men*.

*You will need to visit your local sexual health clinic for this.

People who get their first vaccination dose at the age of 15 or older will need to have 3 injections, the second injection at least 1 month after the first, and the third injection ideally within 12 months from the second injection.